The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers


Well, Francine, you've done it again. Touched my heart, made me think, inspired me... Here's my review:

1. Characters: How does Francine do it? I can always connect with her characters. Good, bad, old, young... Her characters are all real. I long for the good relationships in her novels and my heart breaks for the strained ones. She has a way of creating a diverse mix of people and lets the reader get inside of each of their heads by alternating points of view.

2. Setting: Honestly, I'm at a loss for what to write regarding the setting. All I can think about are the characters, the story and the theme of this novel. There's two primary settings for this story and neither particularly stood out to me. In fantasy novel reviews, I usually have a lot to say about world-building, but for a contemporary set in the US that is very character/situation driven, I didn't give much thought to the setting.

3. Story: Here's where I expect to see a lot of controver…

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Well, well... Two reviews in one day? Yeah, I was getting behind. But to be fair, it's very hard to have a career and be in grad school and make time for reading/blogging. I'm totally making it happen though. 😜

Our next book up for review is Ready Player One which I finished on Saturday during the drive back from OKC. I figured I would fly through the second half of the book and be done waaaaay before that, but that's not what happened. Read my review below to find out why.

1. Characters: Now this, I loved. Wade aka Parzival, was a great protagonist. He was clever, funny, charming, awkward and fun. His side-kicks, Aech and Art3mis, were well-developed and even held a few surprises! One very unique facet of this novel is that there are no familial relationships really. Much of the story takes place in a virtual world, so there is little interaction with "real people," including family members.

2. Setting: Here's where it gets tricky. I like a world where anyt…

Reigntime by S.K. Levy

Dear Sam,

Thank you for sharing this story from inside you with the great wide world! I can't wait to read more!

Hello, friends! Thanks for hitting up my blog again to check out my review of Reigntime by SK Levy. Can I start out by saying I desperately need to pre-order book 2? Yes? Okay. Let's go!

Who else is in love with this cover??

1. Characters: I think the main characters have a really unique dynamic, and I like Lexie- the female protagonist. She's strong and smart. 💗 Her best friend, Jamie, is a great side character, and I hope he's in book 2 more! I also really hope we see more of the mysterious Karmi in the sequel.

2. Setting: This story takes place in Australia which has all sorts of fun implications! The language, the land, even the food mentioned, is all a feast for the reader's imagination (particularly this reader, who has dreamed of…

The Last Summer by Brandy Bruce

Well, ya'll... Summer is coming to a close. I know, I know. It's only the second week of August, you say, but this month will fly by before we know it! And next we'll be bustin' out the scarves, pumpkins, leaves, and cider. I have to admit, I am very anxious for fall as it is my favorite season, but I was grateful to get in one last summery read for this current season.

My final summer contemporary was an uplifting and sweet story that followed Sara Witherspoon and her 6 closest friends as they navigate the waters of being twenty-somethings. Life changes are coming and it can be a tricky time, often hard to find peace and know when to wait and when to jump in and go after new opportunities. And I should know- I'm the exact age of the main character- 27!

Check out the beautiful cover below and read my 5 part review.

1. Characters: Oh gosh. Here we go... Can I just say.. I really want Sara's friends to be my friends. I actually messaged the author (who was kind e…

Heart of Ice by K.M. Shea

Huge thank-you to K.M. Shea for reaching out to me on Goodreads and asking me to review her retelling of The Snow Queen, Heart of Ice! I absolutely love retellings so I was overjoyed by this opportunity.

So, let's go!

1. Characters: I have to admit, my favorite character was not the protagonist in this story. Rakel, the Snow Queen, was so unsure and I wanted her to be so much stronger and confident. BUT, I will say, her closest friend, Phile, continually encouraged her and tried to give her the support she needed and I really enjoyed her character. Phile was, for me, the character that drove the story. As for the male characters, they didn't have much depth; however, there is definitely potential for their growth in later books in this series!

2. Story: I enjoyed the story of this, and I thought it was easy to follow. I did feel that just as it was starting to get good it ended (no doubt to leave me wanting the next book, am I right?). There's not as much romance as I expe…

*Beauty of Darkness* (Remnant Chronicles #3) by Mary E. Pearson

Here we are again. Another amazing trilogy concluded. I find it rare that I enjoy all three books in a trilogy as well as the conclusion itself but the Remnant Chronicles proved worthy.

The covers throughout this entire series have been amazing, but the third and final cover has probably been my favorite. I mean, just look at this!

1. Characters: I adored the characters all the way throughout this series! The main character never annoyed me or made choices that I couldn't understand. She continually had tough decisions to make and I feel that she was incredibly strong and mature compared to other protagonists in similar series. The secondary and side characters continued to grow and develop and I enjoyed getting to know them all more as well. I'm sad to say good-bye!!

2. Story: Where do I even begin? I love everything about this story! It's not the cliche magic, one-girl-saves-everyone type thing. Have ya'll read the Lunar Chronicles? You know how the story is woven be…

*The Heart of Betrayal* (Remnant Chronicles #2) by Mary Pearson

Oh. My. Venda.

If you aren't reading the Remnant Chronicles, then what on earth are you reading?? This is absolutely incredible. After you oogle over this gorgeous cover, read my non-spoiler review below.

1. Characters: New faces appear on the scene in this second installment, and I don't even have words to... I can't even type right now. I love everyone. The love interest is spectacular. I adore the main character, Lia. The villain is well-crafted and complex (but also simple?). The new side characters have incredible development. I absolutely love these characters.

2. Story: I've already said "I love" too many times in this review already, but I love everything here. In addition to the characters, the story continues to drive at a perfect pace. Slow enough to develop new characters and offer background info when necessary, but quick enough to keep things happening so that you're always turning the pages to find out what's coming next.

3. Author'…